Sharing Your Writing Online

Sharing your writing online is a great way to get experience and feedback. As a writer for over 20 years I entered this new interenet domain with caution.  I didn't just want to post my writing online with anyone. I was concerned about copyright (I keep it) and didn't want to get feedback from those with no experience.

My Search For The Right Writing Site

I tried many sites and was disappointed at best. Most places promise you the ability to get started for free. But offer no guarantees. So you spend your time posting your work only to have it sit there and be ignored. That didn't appeal to me. When I did get feedback it was often an empty comment such as "great job". How does that help?

My Search Ends. Or does it? was recommended to me after an online search. This author went into some details about what offers writers. addressed three of my primary concerns. Do you keep your copyright. Yes, in face, the site makes it clear that it is looking to help writers get published.


So I posted my first story with litle expectation. But was surprised at the results. I shortly received a detailed feedback from another author. That took a lot of time reading my poem and commenting on it. I received two more reviews shortly afterwards.

The Skeptic Posts A Story

Always a skeptic I posted a story. It took a bit longer to receive feedback (about 15 minutes) but sure enough I received detailed feedback. One author even took the time to point out all the grammar problems she saw. Another went into some detail about the point of view of my main characters. I was stunned.

The Conclusion

I spent a great deal of time looking into websites. My hope was to find a website where I could get feedback for my stories and poems but not empty comments or over the top comments about how good it was. I wanted honesty but not cruelity. I'm happy to recommend to friends and family. is unique in many ways but the primarily in that it is geared for serious writers (not kids) looking to grow as writers. It was more then what I expected.

Looking for more information on Check out this review. I would also recommend visting this review website and this website for more information.